Ayia Napa marina

The highly-anticipated start of construction works for the development of the Ayia Napa Marina is a step closer following the approval of a revised permit from the Planning Authority.

The approval, along with other issues, were discussed in a meeting between the Mayor Ayia Napa Yiannis Karousos and Stavros Caramondanis and Haris Koureas, representing Μ.Μ. Makronisos Marina Ltd, the investment company leading the development of the marina.

The ambitious project, which is expected to change not only the face of tourism in the region but also of Cyprus in general, is moving ahead as tenders have also been submitted for the construction of the marina.

The approval of the revised planning permit relates to additional upgrades to the existing project, and the official start of construction works is expected soon.
Speaking after the meeting, Karousos expressed his satisfaction at the progress of the project.

“The approval of the revised planning permit for the marina -our marina- brings a lifelong dream for the development of Ayia Napa one step closer to reality. Along with other that we promoting, we are confident that the marina will give a huge lift to the region and to the municipality of Ayia Napa, as it will have a positive multiplier impact on the local economy, strengthening businesses and creating new job opportunities”.

“Having followed all the necessary procedures, we are now very close to the launch of the Ayia Napa Marina project works”, said Stavros Caramondanis, CEO of Μ.Μ. Makronisos Marina Ltd. “Today’s meeting is testament to the hard work and

Medical services in Cyprus are upgraded

CANCER is a major challenge to public health as estimates indicate that one in three people will fall victim to the disease, President Nicos Anastasiades said yesterday at the inauguration of the new outpatients’ wing of the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre in Nicosia.

“On the occasion of World Day against Cancer I would like to remind you that it is estimated that each year 3,500 Cypriots are diagnosed with cancer and it has become the second cause of death in Cyprus, while in other European countries it is the main cause of death, surpassing heart disease,” the president said. Τhis is a huge task both infrastructure and humanitarian. He said that new wing of the oncology centre would help upgrade the services on offer to patents and to help solve the lack of space with Ecxellent health services.

“The government has set prevention and treatment of cancer as top priorities,” Anastasiades said. He added that the Cabinet had recently agreed on the creation of the first breast cancer centre and he also referred to the colon cancer screening tests taking place in the Larnaca region which has saved many lives, he said.“I would like to reassure you that despite the economic crisis, the state will continue to provide patients with the most modern treatments,”

Referring to the reform of the health sector, Anastasiades said it would be the biggest project undertaken since the foundation of the Republic.
“The project includes the implementation of a comprehensive, socially just and viable health system through which quality service will be offered to citizens throughout their lifetime; a system where the private and public sectors will equally participate,” he said.

The health sector and medical care continues to remain at high levels in Cyprus, however, the efforts do not stop..



The giant company TOTAL will eventually will stay in Cyprus and will continue the excellent cooperation with the Republic of Cyprus.

Positive developments in investment and energy front.


Cyprus and Israel on Wednesday signed a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), which defines the rights and obligations of each country’s military personnel during joint activities.
The agreement was signed during an official visit by Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya`alon following talks with his Cypriot counterpart Christoforos Fokaides.
Speaking after the meeting, the Israeli Minister said: “The relationship between our defence establishments as well as between our armed forces and intelligence agencies are long-standing, productive and important. My visit here today demonstrates a strong relationship.”
The SOFA agreement, he said, was yet another layer in the strategic relationship between Israel and Cyprus, adding that Tel Aviv viewed its ties with the Cypriot defence establishment with “great strategic importance” as the situation in the Middle East posed great challenges to both countries.
Fokaides pointed said the cooperation between the two countries was based on common values and interests and recognised the need to effectively encounter the new security challenges in the region.
“Our two countries are jointly working to attain conditions of regional cooperation and growth for the wider region, taking into account the energy prospects that have been created in the Eastern Mediterranean,” said Fokaides.
“We reached the common conclusion that the more unpredictable the security challenges are today, the more imperative it is to maintain reliable partners and foreseeable policies. In this framework, it is particularly important to support those governments in the area, that remain committed to promoting stability and security, and that work towards encountering terrorism and fundamentalism,” he added.
After the meeting and signing of the agreement, the two ministers visited the military Camp of Lieutenant General Vasiliou Kapota in Nicosia, where a monument dedicated to Cyprus-Israel Friendship was unveiled. The monument was erected in honour of the children of Holocaust survivors, for whom Cyprus became a transit place for their return to Israel after WWII.


It is quite understandable that the geographical position of Cyprus with natural gas reserves, may to solve the Cyprus issue, as well as faster recovery of the economy and sales growth in the property sector.

However, the huge hydrocarbon management company ΤΟΤΑL, he turned to leave the island last week, but today changed the scenery ...